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victor-garcia-718191-unsplash-copy-200x300Just as any other major metropolitan area, Miami sees its fair share of criminal activity. Neighborhood Scout, an online resource for information about crime, reveals that there have been more than 22,000 criminal incidents so far in 2019 – 3,358 of which involved violent offenses. These figures are derived from multiple sources, including arrests, incident reports, and other databases of criminal statistics. 

While this information may be useful when you are searching for a new home, crime statistics may also be key evidence in a negligent security claim if you are injured because of property owner negligence. You can learn the specifics from a Miami premises liability lawyer, but you may also benefit from some general information about these cases.

Overview of Security in Premises Liability Claims

Recently, our Miami personal injury attorneys read a case in which the Florida Supreme Court issued a decision in Friedrich v. Fetterman & Associates, PA, reinstating a jury verdict for a plaintiff  injured in a law office chair while visiting a law firm to consult about an unrelated personal injury claim.

In Friedrich, the plaintiff, Robert Friedrich, was injured in a 2010 car accident. Following the accident, Friedrich visited the offices of the defendant law firm for a consultation about his personal injury claim. While meeting with one of the firm’s attorneys, the office chair in which Friedrich was sitting collapsed, causing him to fall and strike his head. Following the incident, Friedrich’s medical problems from the automobile accident worsened, and he ended up having surgery.

Friedrich file a law suit against the law firm he consulted. In his suit, he claimed the law firm had been negligent in failing to inspect the chair, or warn him of the dangerous condition posed by the office chair. At trial, Friedrich presented an expert to testify that the firm should have performed a “hands-on inspection” of its chairs every six months. The expert claimed that such an inspection would have revealed the defect which caused the chair to collapse. Fetterman’s expert testified that the best inspection or test for a chair is for someone to sit on it, and that any inspection, including a flex test, would not have revealed the defect.