Largest Children’s Product Recalls so Far in 2019

alexander-dummer-x4jRmkuDImo-unsplash-copy-300x200Now that 2019 is more than half over, parents may find it helpful to review some of the top children’s products that have been recalled due to dangerous defects and safety hazards. The Consumer Product Safety Commission Recall List includes a wide array of items, but clothing, toys, and other products dedicated for use by children are especially concerning because of the vulnerability of the end user. Children are typically unable to recognize flaws in the design or manufacturing process, and they may not appreciate the inherent risks involved with certain products. 

If your child suffered injuries because of a recalled product or any other consumer item, you should discuss your legal remedies with a Florida products liability attorney. An overview of the top children’s product recalls for the first half of 2019 may also be helpful.

  • Kids II Rocking Sleepers: This recall is seriously troubling both in terms of the number of affected units and the extreme risk to children. All 694,000 of these units were recalled in April 2019 after five babies died and dozens more were injured because of a defect in the design of the sleeper. According to reports, the infant victims rolled from their backs onto their stomachs, causing the sleeper to topple. The recall instructions directed parents to immediately cease use and contact the manufacturer for a full refund.
  • Bullseye Playground Wooden Toys: Another massive recall was the result of the wheels detaching from these wooden toy vehicles, which could present a choking hazard for younger children. Parent company Target issued the recall of around 495,000 of these units and offered a full refund, though there were no reports of injuries.
  • Fisher-Price Children’s Power Wheels Barbie Dream Campers: This two-seat, battery-powered camper presented a hazard to children because of a defect in the accelerator, which operates very similar to the gas pedal on a full-size car. In some cases, the ride-on vehicle would continue to run after the child operator released the foot pedal, posing a risk of injury. Around 44,000 of the units were recalled in February 2019. Unlike some other product recalls, Fisher-Price offered a free repair of the campers.
  • Cat & Jack Unicorn Boots: These boots featured a unicorn’s face on the top, including a horn that was reported to detach in some cases. The product was recalled because the detached horn could present a choking hazard to children. The recall affected 33,600 boots, and consumers were directed to reach the company for a refund.

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The fact that a product was recalled is an important factor in recovering compensation for injuries, but it does not automatically establish your rights to compensation. There are many other complicated issues involved with products liability cases, so it is important to work with an experienced attorney to ensure you get the full compensation allowed by law.

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