Top Vehicle Safety Features can Prevent Florida Car Accidents

guilherme-stecanella-SaVlzqe9068-unsplash-1-copy-300x200Once a vision for the future, self-driving cars are actually not too far away as auto makers continue to test and develop vehicles that could be in every US garage in a few years. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that automated safety technologies have already evolved to stage four within the Five Eras of Safety: Self-parking cars and traffic assist. 

Convenience may be an attractive feature for drivers, but the primary focus of these technologies is safety. Automation cannot entirely eliminate the potential for fatal and injury-causing accidents in Miami, but you might look for some of the key accident prevention technologies the next time you are car shopping.

Lane Departure Warning

This feature sounds an alarm if the driver strays outside the lane of traffic, which can protect against collisions related to fatigued driving. Some vehicles are also equipped with auto-correction, which maneuvers the car to safety.

Cross-Traffic Alert

Intersections continue to be one of the most common locations for motor vehicle crashes, typically because a driver does not see traffic approaching from the cross-street. This automated safety feature uses a camera or other sensor that detects a peripheral vehicle, at which point it issues an alert to notify the driver to apply the brakes. There are also rear cross-traffic features that notify the motorist when he or she is reversing into a hazardous position.

Adaptive Cruise Control

This feature has been considered standard for decades, but auto makers have improved upon the concept in recent years. Traditional cruise control requires interaction from the operator to set vehicle speed, but you must take action to slow or brake. Adaptive cruise control

incorporates a camera or sensors that can identify speed changes in traffic ahead, and will apply the brakes to slow the vehicle. It can also accelerate when the pace of traffic picks up.

Blind Spot Monitoring

Your side and center mirrors offer a wide view of traffic conditions around you, but there is always a gap in coverage. You cannot see the “blind spot,” which can lead to serious accidents when you are turning or changing lanes. Monitoring technology issues a warning when there is an object or other safety threat in the zone.

Automatic Braking

Even careful drivers may not be able to apply the brakes in time to avoid a collision. Automatic braking is instantaneous as compared to the human body, where physical limitations result in slower reaction time. The fraction of a second you gain with automatic braking could be enough to prevent a collision.

Get Legal Help from an Experienced Miami Car Accidents Attorney

Automated safety features are promising, but it will be a long time before every vehicle on the road is self-driving. Until that time, negligence of other drivers will create a risk of injury-causing and deadly motor vehicle accidents. If you were hurt in a crash, please contact the Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or West Palm Beach offices of Gerson & Schwartz, PA. We can set up a free consultation to discuss your rights.

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