What to do if You Were Hurt in a Miami Cruise Ship Accident

Travel, tourism, and destination online guide Oyster published an article on the 9 Worst Cruise Ship Disasters, which covers incidents from the RMS Titanic to the Costa Concordia in 2012. However, not all cruise ship accidents make headlines; in fact, many of these stories are brushed under the proverbial rug as cruise lines attempt to minimize incidents and avoid damaging their reputations. Still, accidents that cause injuries for passengers are common, ranging from a slip, trip, or fall, to shore excursion incidents, sexual assault, and other criminal acts. 

If you were hurt under such circumstances, you might be bewildered about what to do next. The top priority is seeking medical attention for your injuries, but you need to be cautious about your next steps. From the moment of the accident, cruise companies are already planning their defense so they will not have to pay your claim. As such, you should contact a Miami cruise ship accident attorney at the first possible opportunity. In the meantime, follow these steps to protect your interests.

  • Report the Accident: After you receive proper medical care, you should notify the appropriate crew members regarding the incident. This action preserves your right to file a claim for monetary damages under applicable international maritime laws. If you fail or delay in reporting the accident to officials, you may not qualify to recover compensation.
  • Use Caution When Talking to Crew Members: Crew members and employees will be in charge of the investigation into your cruise ship accident, so make sure they take accurate notes and precisely record your statements. You should pay close attention to confirm that relevant details are included in any reports, since these documents may be used in connection with your claim.
  • Investigate and Document: Safety officers and other crew will be conducting their own investigation, but you can be sure their actions will favor the cruise company’s interests – not yours. Therefore, you should also make an effort to collect relevant evidence to support your claim. Do your best to:
    • Take pictures of the location where the cruise ship accident occurred;
    • Write down your own recollection of how the incident occurred;
    • Get contact information from any witnesses who observed the mishap; and,
    • Gather any other details that are related to how the accident happened.
  • Do Not Sign Anything: Cruise lines want to resolve accidents quickly, so other passengers do not become alarmed and you do not have a chance to speak out publicly. As such, you may be presented with a release or other forms by which you would agree to accept payment in exchange for giving up certain legal rights.

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