Skin Graft Technology Brings Hope for Victims of Burn Injuries

Unless you have a medical background, terms like “synthetic acellular dermal regeneration template” and “neodermal formation” do not exactly grab your attention. However, if you are the victim of burn injuries from an accident, the technology described by these terms is definitely significant. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) explains how innovations in skin graft science have increased the treatment options available for those that suffer the most severe burns. Previously, there have been challenges when a victim sustains harm to a large percentage of the body. 

With the new technology, burn victims may benefit from a faster time to recovery, reduced risk of infection, and less scarring. There are considerable medical costs involved with these procedures, but they may be covered if you were injured in an accident that was not your fault. A Miami burn injuries lawyer will explain your rights, and an overview of developments with skin graft procedures is useful.

How the Skin Graft Technology Works

When the burns are extensive, there may be limited donor tissue for coverage. Plus, the burns may be so deep that a flap surgery would not result in successful skin regeneration. The recent developments in burn treatment overcome these challenges: 

  • The technology involves the application of a sheet comprised of collagen and other materials – from cows and sharks.
  • The sheet acts as a framework that enables the patient to grow new skin. Blood vessels and other cells from the individual migrate into the matrix and soon after develop a new layer of skin.
  • A special layer in the sheet serves as a suture that closes the wound to prevent infection.

Usage for Other Injuries

Though created for burn care, medical researchers have also discovered that skin graft technology has applications for other wound treatments. For instance, skin graft surgery via the flap method is not usually successful for upper and lower extremities, such as fingers, hands, toes, and feet. Traditional treatment approaches failed when it comes to coverage of bone, tendons, and joints. 

NIH also recommends the application of skin graft sheets for full-thickness scalp wounds, which are often the result of dog bites, falls, and – surprisingly – assault with a glass bottle.

Common Causes of Burn Injuries

As skin graft technology continues to evolve, it will bring hope to burn victims who would otherwise suffer agonizing pain and scarring. These injuries are often the result of the following: 

  • Auto crashes;
  • Motorcycle accidents, which often cause a specific type of burn called road rash;
  • Truck collisions, particularly when the rig is carrying hazardous materials; and,
  • Workplace and construction site accidents.

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