Mistakes to Avoid When Settling a Miami Truck Accident Claim

Truck accidents are responsible for causing massive devastation, injuries, and loss of life when they occur, so it is a blessing to know that they represent a small percentage of the total crashes in Florida. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reports that there are approximately 10,100 collisions involving tractor-trailers, semis, 18-wheelers, and other large trucks annually. This figure is just 2.5% of all accidents on Florida roadways, but these incidents are still tragic. Almost 350 people are killed and more than 5,160 are injured in truck crashes every year. Crunching the numbers shows that 55% of all truck collisions lead to at least one casualty.

Fortunately, victims of truck crashes have legal remedies. Many of these cases settle out of court, but it is critical to ensure the agreement is fair. Mistakes with settlement can harm your interests, and one of the biggest errors is trying to negotiate an agreement yourself. Instead of putting your rights at risk, work with a Miami truck accident lawyer to avoid the following pitfalls.

  • You are still in treatment for your injuries. Beyond the emergency care and immediate treatment, you may be seeing medical specialists and health care providers for months after a truck crash. Therefore, you do not have a total of what your medical care will cost, and these expenses comprise a considerable portion of your compensation.
  • You have not returned to work. With serious truck accident injuries, you could be away from your job for several weeks or months. You are missing out on wages during this time, and you are entitled to damages for these losses. Until you return to your position, you will not know how much you suffer in lost income.
  • The causes of the truck accident are still under investigation. Florida officials and local authorities may conduct a probe, and federal agents may even be called in when a truck crash involves hazardous substances. Plus, either party can retain accident reconstruction specialists to investigate issues of causation. Until they complete their research and release reports, discussing settlement is premature.
  • You are not considering reasonable offers. This is a mistake you could make when you lack experience negotiating settlement and do not know what your claim is worth. You might assume that you are entitled to a higher amount, but the facts and law do not support it. Trust your lawyer’s guidance to avoid this error.
  • You share too much with social media posts. Pictures and videos of you enjoying vacations, recreation, and physical activity will severely damage your interests. Keep in mind that an insurer uses tricks and tools to view these posts despite privacy settings, so the content will affect your compensation.

Count on a Miami Truck Accidents Attorney to Negotiate Settlements 

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