National Scrutiny Intensifies Surrounding the Shooting of Trayvon Martin: Why wasn’t George Zimmerman Arrested? Washington Weighs In

President Barack Obama has released a statement regarding what happened to young, African American, Trayvon Martin. Martin who was shot and killed in Sanford, Florida, by the notorious volunteer neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman, was unarmed and had not committed any crime whatsoever. This is “a national tragedy”, said Representative Maxine Waters (D-California). How is that this “hate crime” against a black man (CNN) was committed and no one was arrested? This is the perplexing question that is continually being asked by Americans across the nation.

Unfortunately, “racism is alive and well” said a black veteran U.S. Police officer from Miami, Fl. (Reuters) Thus, the debate continues: Is the Florida “Stand your Ground Law” applicable in a case like this? Why was this man who is not even a police officer permitted to shoot and kill a young man and no arrest was made? Negligent Security attorneys at Gerson & Schwartz understand what remedies Trayvon’s family has in this wrongful death case. First of all, the 911 call made by Zimmerman reveals that the only information he gave to the dispatcher was that he was”wearing a hoodie” and looked as if he was “up to no good”. (Reuters) Civil attorneys like Mr. Philip M. Gerson have years of experience handling cases like this.

Although, the “stand your ground law” passed in 2005 is interpreted to be a self-defense law, this does not mean someone can literally chase down a man who looks suspicious, and base that suspicion on the way he is dressed…or the color of his skin, said Philip Gerson.

All fingers are pointed at the Sanford Police Department for racial profiling. It has become apparent to almost everyone that the color of Trayvon’s skin was a motivating factor for Zimmerman. There is no evidence showing that Martin was threatening Zimmerman in any way, shape or form. The self defense motive that Zimmerman’s lawyer, Craig Sonners maintains would never hold up in court, most likely.

This death was senseless and illuminates just how prolific racism is in our country today. Sonners’ statement that his “client is not a bigot” is bogus. If Zimmerman’s actions were innocent, the entire Sanford Police department would not be under such scrutiny.

As a matter of fact, lead investigator, Chris Serino, has come forward stating that contrary to his own desire to arrest Zimmerman, the State Attorney’s office told him there was not enough evidence for a conviction? (CBS) Clearly, something is not right in this case.

Civil attorneys know that there is a case against the Sanford Police and against Zimmerman. Miami injury lawyers Philip M. Gerson of Gerson & Schwartz, PA believes that these remedies will be sought and justice will be served for Trayvon Martin’s family, due to the national media attention this important story continues to attract. For more than 40 years the Miami wrongful death lawyers of Gerson & Schwartz, PA have been representing victims and their families. If you have questions regarding cases like this call (305)371-6000 or visit the firm website.

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