Negligent Security Attorneys Warn Against Sexual Assaults at Miami Beach Hotel

Two cases of sexual assault occurred at the landmark Fountainebleau Hotel and Resort on Miami Beach last week.( The Miami Herald )In each instance, a woman was allegedly attacked and the assailants were both arrested by the Miami Beach Police. Why is it that their level of security does not measure up to the high quality attractions, including state of the art architecture, restaurants, pools, bars and night clubs which are all considered to be among the finest in the city of Miami Beach?

The Fountainebleau had a major renovation recently in which this iconic property was transformed from the Art Deco Era’s mecca to South Beach’s counterpart today. Certainly, the level of security should be expected to compliment the Fountainebleau’s other massive improvements.

In fact, Miami Beach police arrested a 26 year old male, Rafael Mungia, age 23 for allegedly raping a 23 year old woman, a hotel guest who was asleep in her Penthouse room in the Chateau building of the property. At Gerson & Schwartz, PA, we are interested in finding out how this could have taken place. Crime’s like this are inexcusable and should never occur, especially at a property of this magnitude and with such a fine reputation, said Nicholas Gerson.

Following this incident, the Fountainbleu further neglected to beef up their security despite what happened and yet another sexual assault occurred. This time at the pool area, no less, a very public part of the hotel if not the largest public area this resort boasts.

As hotel personnel stood by watching the assailant flee the scene, the victim was “found with an unknown subject” on top of her. ( Evidently, cameras captured this incident, yet no security measures were taken to prevent prevent it in the first place. This is grossly negligent of the hotel and its security staff. Attorneys at Gerson & Schwartz, PA have years of experience recovering damages for crime victims like this.

So, how is it that the legendary Fountainebleau Hotel and Resort does not have enough security to prevent rapes from happening right out in the open? They have spent millions of dollars renovating this famous destination property on Miami Beach but obviously have not invested in the security of their guests.

Crime victims such as the women who were vacationing at the Fountainebleau, deserve restitution. Negligent Security issues such as these are a specialty at Gerson & Schwartz, PA. Just last year, Attorneys Philip and Nicholas Gerson recovered 1.5 million dollars for a woman who was raped, who’s assailant was caught on tape.

If an institution has the security cameras to capture such crimes, why do they not have the security to prevent them, or at least stop them? Cases like these are preventable and crime victims have rights and damages that attorneys such as the security negligence team at Gerson & Schwartz, can collect for them. Contact our firm today for a free consultation at (305) 371-6000.

Police Make Arrest in Sexual Assault at Miami Beach Fountainbleau Hotel

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