Miami Club “The Spot” Hosts Minors and Gun Violence

Liberty City nightclub, The Spot, was the scene of a massive shooting on Sunday, September 28th early in the morning. The nightclub which is located at NW 7thave and 64th street in Miami, was hosting a party when gunfire broke out randomly throughout the club. According to sources, 15 people were shot, including many under the age of 21.  It was initially reported that the club obtained a liquor license this past April and was legally permitted to serve alcohol until 3 am.  Yet, its doors appear to have been open to minors of nearly all ages. In fact, a young girl only 12 years of age was in the nightclub during this shooting. One of those critically wounded was a 15 year old boy.

As the criminal investigation continues, more information about the potential negligent and illegal operations of this business are trickling in. Our Miami Crime Victim Lawyers are keeping a close eye on the criminal investigation and representing one of the innocent shooting victims. Earlier today, news reports were that the club manager was arrested. It was also reported that the club was licensed to operate as a business but not a “nightclub”.  Other news reports state that the “Spot” may only have been licensed to sell beer and wine only.

Under Florida common law negligence principals, property owners and operators have a duty to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition.  The latest news reports of numerous violations may be proof of not just ordinary but “gross negligence” under Florida law.  This could open the door to potential punitive damages under Florida Statutes 768. 72.

According to sources, there may have been 2 shooters involved. However, no suspects have been arrested. The only lead the police have is that the getaway vehicle may have been a white car.

Unfortunately, shootings at clubs like Club Spot and even other more well known night club venues have become been more and more frequent in Miami.  A few months ago, a shooting in Club Mansion took the life of a well known local private chef.  In the wake of many shootings across the nation, lawmakers across the country have been criticized for the lack of gun control and new legislation.

As, club owners try to lure customers, some unlawfully ignore the legal drinking ages required for entrance to their businesses.  The serving of alcohol to minors is not only illegal but there is strict liability for any harm that results in connection with the illegal service of alcohol to minors. Business owners are often advertising, reaching minors via social media, informing them of upcoming parties.  All the while, some disregard the fact that they are targeting under age drinkers. Moreover, metal detectors or lack thereof, are contributing to shootings and stabbings at night clubs throughout Miami and across the nation. Weapons such as knives and guns have no place in a night club, yet are being brought in illegally.

Our firm  has the experience equipped to assist crime victims involving negligent security and other premises liability cases. Resources for helping victims recover damages are available, and we know where to find them. The Miami personal injury lawyers at Gerson & Schwartz, PA have represented crime victims for the past 44 years.

Club owners and operators should be held accountable for allowing individuals to enter their clubs with weapons.  In the same vein, these people should be held responsible for permitting children inside their doors. If you or someone you know has been injured at Club Spot or have been the victim of another serious crime then contact our law firm today for a free consultation. Call 305-371-6000 or email us at





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