On May 16, 2008, plaintiff Alcira Marcella Britt was hit by drunk driver Shanna Clayton who was employed as an exotic dancer at Club Lexx in Miami, Florida. Ms. Britt was obeying the law and driving safely when Clayton’s car crashed into hers, leaving her seriously injured. Britt’s injuries caused her disfigurement and unable to live as she had before. Her injuries were severe that and she has the ability to earn money, as well.

All of Britt’s pain and suffering were due not only to Clayton’s negligence, but also due to the negligence of the owners of Club Lexx. Actually, Club Lexx encouraged Clayton to drink with customers while working and then left her to drive home intoxicated. The defendant, Club Lexx, owed a duty to the plaintiff, Alcira Marcella Britt, as well as to the general public.  The club owners failed to supervise their exotic dancers as far as how much alcohol they were consuming while on the job.  Furthermore, knowing that their employees, such as Clayton would have to drive home at the end of their shift, this was totally irresponsible.

Club owners have a responsibility to put policies and procedures in place which assist intoxicated individuals to leave their premises at closing time, without having to operate motor vehicles on public roadways. Clubs should never allow employees to leave their premises, if they are intoxicated to the point where their normal faculties are impaired. Obviously, if they do so then they are endangering the public.

 In the glittery night life of South Beach and other Miami neighborhoods, there are more bars and night clubs than in many large cities. Because our community is a tourist magnet, state of the art security and responsible alcohol vendor practices are needed. For over 40 years, our firm has been a leader in the crime victim’s movement to force businesses to adopt and implement state of the art safe practices.

In the case against defendants, Shanna Clayton and Club Lexx, the plaintiff , Alcira Marcella Britt received a sum of 2.8 million dollars for damages, after a jury verdict against the drunk driver and the club itself was reached in court. Ms. Britt’s injuries included an amputation of her left thumb, a degloving of her left index finger , and multiple fractures of both of her wrists. These injuries left Ms. Britt unable to work again at a job she had held for 18 years. She had been a cargo handler for American Airlines and due to the negligence of two irresponsible parties she had to resign. This life changing event caused her great emotional distress, as well.

When they don’t and someone is harmed it’s our job to make them fix it. At Gerson & Schwartz, PA, we are proud of our accomplishments which help make tourists and other visitors safer. Gerson & Schwartz, PA represents numerous victims of drunk driving incidents that have resulted in serious, life threatening injuries and even death. Nothing is more devastating than losing a loved one, or sustaining serious injuries due to a drunk driver.  Miami injury attorneys can and will demand damages for these negligent irresponsible actions on the part of club owners, as well as the drunk driver, individually. For more information contact the Miami personal injury lawyers today for a free consultation.


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