Internet Child-Porn Charges against South Florida Public Officials Continue to Shock and Appal

Another case of internet child pornography takes notice by the South Florida Community, this time surfacing in the Miami Herald news. A US immigration and Customs Enforcement former chief will plead guilty to charges of sending, receiving, and possessing internet pornography on his home computers. Why do public officials who are supposed to be protecting citizens and children believe they are above the law? The internet has become a vast playground for child molesters and predators to view indecent images and to facilitate victimizing children. In this case, Anthony V. Mangione was arrested and will change his plea to guilty in order to receive a lower sentence.
The good news is that Mangione has retired and his 16 cell phones and over a dozen computers were confiscated. Hopefully, the equally horrible individuals with whom he was sharing the illegal images will be caught and will get justice as well. Too often, it is the people who one would least suspect, such as Mangione whose child porn offenses took place during his 27 year career serving as an agent with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Division of South Florida. The most devastating part of this story is, the fact that, part of Mangione’s job was focusing on child pornography and working to eradicate offenders from sharing their child pornography images across the internet with other predators and sex offenders.
Internet child pornography and sexual abuse of children must be stopped. Experienced lawyers and professionals who work with crime victims are at your service to help you stop a predator or report their crimes to the proper authorities. It is the duty of these lawyers and advocates to help protect the rights of children who are being abused or exploited.
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