Why You Need a Miami Truck Accident Lawyer

You are driving along I-395 in Miami when, out of nowhere, a huge 18-wheeler side swipes your vehicle causing you to veer off the road and crash into a tree. Your vehicle is totaled and you suffer serious, debilitating injuries including multiple broken bones, a lacerated spleen, and a spinal cord injury. In these types of situations, you need an experienced Miami truck accident lawyer.


Trucking Companies Employ Teams of Adjusters and Defense Lawyers

Some people think that if an accident occurs involving a tractor trailer, they can handle filing a claim themselves with the company and do not need to retain a truck accident injury attorney. This is a big mistake. Many trucking companies have teams and departments focused on reducing the company’s liability exposure and mitigating the value of any claims made against the company. In fact, if a major truck accident occurs, do not be surprised if the truck company sends out investigators and claims adjusters to examine the scene shortly after the incident occurs. This is because they want to examine the available evidence before your lawyer gets a chance to.  

You Need an Advocate to Investigate the Accident on Your Behalf

Immediately following a major trucking accident, you are probably looking at an extensive rehabilitation timeframe and may never be able to return to 100 percent. You do not need the added stress and pressure of investigating the cause of the big rig accident. You should retain a Miami personal injury lawyer to initiate the investigation and begin building your case. You need someone at the scene reviewing critical evidence before it mysteriously “disappears” after the trucking defense team arrives.

Along with investigating the scene of the accident, your Miami truck accident injury lawyer should review the truck driver’s record and see if there is a history of prior wrecks, the truck’s log books, black boxes, maintenance records, etc.

Get the Compensation You Deserve

If you or a loved one is involved in a serious commercial trucking accident, you could be looking at thousands of dollars in medical bills, an extended period of time out of work with no money coming in, a lengthy recovery period, and a totaled vehicle. You need someone on your side fighting to get you maximum compensation. You need someone who will consult with your doctors to identify the type of medical care you will need in the long-run and whether you suffered permanent damage from the collision. There may even be a need to consult economists and vocational experts to determine whether you will ever be able to return to your prior employment. You need someone on your side who will investigate and root out all of the available sources of insurance. In Florida, you have access to Personal Injury Protection benefits, but you could also potentially access the insurance policy of the tractor trailer.

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