Top Five Most Common Accidents on Miami Cruise Ships

When you are planning a cruise from Miami, you want to make sure you have got planning down to the very last detail – from packing your essentials to scheduling activities and excursions. What you may not be able to predict or protect against is the potential for accidents on cruise ships. According to, a website that tracks the safety records for various cruise lines, the risk is somewhat high. There are currently 490 ships with a negative safety rating, based upon 3,121 accidents that occurred at sea and on shore. 

An injury-causing incident may ruin your vacation, but there are implications that extend beyond your return to port. A Miami cruise ship accident lawyer can help with the legal complications and will fight to get the compensation you deserve for your losses. Meanwhile, you can protect yourself and your family by learning about the top five accidents that cause cruise ship injuries.

  1. Slip, Trip, and Fall Accidents: Luggage in hallways, poor lighting, loose carpeting, and unsecure staircases are just a few of the reasons slip, trip, and fall incidents occur. If a cruise ship operator does not undertake necessary repairs, serious injuries are possible.
  2. Food-Borne Illnesses: If workers in kitchens, restaurants, bars, kiosks, and similar areas mishandle food, passengers can get food poisoning from bacteria. Being sick and unable to leave your room is no way to spend a vacation, and these ailments can even cause serious medical conditions.
  3. Incidents in Swimming Pools or Other Water Attractions: Wet, slippery pool decks may lead to slip and fall accidents, but there are many other hazards around water attractions. Passengers can fall getting in and out on rickety ladders or may hit their head when playing. If they are knocked unconscious, swimmers may even drown.
  4. Recreational Activities: Shore excursions are a primary attraction for the cruise experience, but many of the more physical activities can lead to injuries. Parasailing, rock climbing, cliff diving, and water sports contain inherent risks, but a cruise operator may be liable if the safety hazards are extreme. In some cases, another potential party may be a third-party company that leads the shore excursion.
  5. Assault and Criminal Activity: Cruise ship companies are required to maintain a safe premises, a duty which extends to protecting passengers from criminal conduct. When they fail in this obligation, passengers are at risk of assault, battery, and other violent attacks. Regardless of whether the threat comes from a crew member or other passenger, an operator may be liable for not installing proper lighting, locks, security cameras, and other safety features.

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