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You are driving along a major road in Broward County, Miami Beach, Coral Cables, or any other locality in Florida when you get t-boned by another vehicle. The damage to your vehicle is extensive and you suffer serious physical injuries in the collision. Should you hire a Miami personal injury lawyer? This is an important question many Floridians struggle with. You may have heard some erroneous information about lawyers and needing to pay a big retainer fee to even speak to a lawyer for a few minutes. Do not hesitate. Below are three important reasons why it makes sense for you to speak to a Miami, FL injury lawyer.

Insurance Companies Treat People Differently if They Don’t Have a Lawyer

Make no mistake about it. When an insurance adjuster gets a call or letter from an unrepresented claimant, they routinely treat that claimant differently. In fact, many insurance adjusters will try to reach out to you shortly after the accident and offer a quick settlement before you even think about contacting an experienced Miami personal injury attorney. There have even been instances where an insurance adjuster will mislead a claimant and say, “You don’t need a lawyer. They’ll just take a big chunk of your settlement and leave you with a pittance.”

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