Shuckers Dock Collapses into Water Injuring Customers

Local long time hang out, sports bar and restaurant, Shuckers, located on the 79th street Causeway in Miami Beach, became a scene of chaos and serious injuries. Last night, the entire dock where patrons were eating , drinking, and watching the NBA Miami Heat Play off game, collapsed, suddenly. Innocent victims, including children went plunging into Biscayne bay of North Bay Village, along with their tables, chairs , foods and beverages. In some cases, patrons were trapped in between the dock planks or received injuries from flying tables and chairs.

This scene quickly turned into a rescue mission. As, bar tenders, wait staff, and fellow customers jumped into the water to assist victims. Over 50 fire rescue vehicles were dispatched and the entire 79th street Causeway was closed down for an extended period of time. The deck collapsed just as the Miami Heat scored , causing customers to jump out of their seats with excitement. Reports indicate that 24 people were injured, including a mother and her baby.

Miami personal injury attorneys can bring legal action against establishments such as Shuckers in premises liability accidents such as in this case as it appears that the dock and supporting structures were either negligently constructed or negligently maintained. According to published reports, there is a debate as to whether or not Shuckers had its dock inspected, despite representing that a routine inspection took place just 6 months ago.
Incidents like this should never occur, clearly, the dock at Shuckers was unsafe and customers’ lives were put at serious risk. The individuals who were injured can file law suits on their own behalf for pain, and suffering due to serious injuries they have endured.

Property maintenance and upkeep of structures such as the dock used by Shucker’s customers for dining is a reasonable legal requirement. A qualified injury that specializes in premises liability accidents can assist injured parties collect money damages for clients who have been the victims of such incidents.Gerson & Schwartz,PA, has handled collapsing dock cases in the past. Several years ago, Gerson & Schwartz, PA received a 2 million dollar verdict in a similar case tried in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Sources: The Miami Herald

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