Self-Driving Cars: Safe or Risky?

Self-driving cars are notably convenient and exciting, but the technology behind them has been increasingly associated with personal injury, one case having recently been fatal. According to reports, the family of a man who died while driving a car with its Autopilot function turned on is suing the manufacturer in an effort to not only receive damages but to also force the industry to make smarter decisions when designing and testing new automobile technology.

If you or a family member has suffered an injury while driving a car and are seeking damages, you will need an experienced attorney to assist you with your case. The Miami personal injury lawyers at Gerson & Schwartz, PA will work with you to help you achieve the reward you deserve. Call us at (877) 475-2905.

Self-Driving Cars and Fatalities

Joshua Brown, a young Tesla enthusiast, was a resident of Canton, Ohio. He reportedly loved his car and would test the Autopilot feature numerous times while he filmed videos of his adventures. Unfortunately, during one of his routine drives Joshua collided with a semitrailer truck, killing him instantly. He was the first known reported victim of a self-driving car, and according to some estimates he will not be the last.

While exciting and convenient, self-driving functions on cars are far from being ironed out in the terms of their safety. Usually, a car that is on Autopilot will either swerve or stop if it senses other objects too close to its body. It was clear in this story that Joshua’s self-driving car was not adequately tested or safe for human drivers, otherwise it would have avoided the incident or at least mitigated the accident to a degree that would result in minor injuries.

Fortunately, the family of Joshua Brown has hired a prominent personal injury attorney to handle their case against the car manufacturer. This attorney has reported that he has been contacted by several individuals seeking assistance for similar cases, indicating this new technology is anything but safe, at least at this level of innovation. This case will hopefully not only provide the Brown family with the compensation they deserve, but it will also bring to the forefront the importance of designing safer technology and testing these tools thoroughly before releasing them to the public.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Protects You and Your Family

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