The Rise of Pokémon Go and Personal Injury Cases

Pokémon Go has taken the gaming world by storm, with the app launching in over 30 countries within a matter of weeks. Players of this game are constantly focused on their phones, which may possibly increase the number of personal injury cases the become involved in. For example, some people who have played the game have caused car accidents, and it is only a matter of time before these accidents become more frequent and severe. Hopefully, developers of the game can find new ways of encouraging game players to become more cautious during live game play.

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Pokémon Go: All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Hurt

The growing popularity of Pokémon Go has encouraged increased outdoor activity among people of all ages, and many health professionals agree that this is a good thing. While more people are outside and off the couch, there is some concern that this may increase the incidence of personal injuries. Individuals with their eyes glued to their smartphones while walking out in the streets trying to catch a Pokémon create some serious anxiety for law officials.

Personal injury cases that have involved players of the game have already cropped up in California, Pennsylvania, and New York. Players not paying attention to their surroundings is a major factor in these injuries. Two men in California fell off the edge of an ocean bluff while playing the game, and another man crashed his car during game play. Personal injury lawsuits are sure to follow in cases of the latter, and will probably involve charges of negligence behind the wheel.

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