Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting

News is still coming in today about about Sandy Hook shooting massacre. With eerie similarities to the Columbine and shootings at Virgina Tech it is unthinkable how and why heinous crimes at schools are becoming more and more widespread. The latest calculations are that nearly 100 rounds of ammunition were fired and up to 30 children and adults have been killed. Crime Victim Lawyers at Gerson & Schwartz, PA believe that this is should be another wake up call to everyone from Congress to the members of the public.

Though the right to bear arms is a “constitutional” right recurring crimes like these at our most scared institutions require immediate legal reform. ” How can someone just go and purchase 100 rounds of ammunition?” What does someone need a high powered machine gun for other than to kill and inflict serious bodily harm?, asked Nicholas Gerson
Though it is still unknown what other security and safety measures were breached, or if there even were any in place at Sandy Hook Elementary victims rights attorney Nicholas Gerson, believes people are still going to argue that this was just another isolated and unforeseeable incident. “We disagree.” Reasonable security measures need to be enforced on a national basis- even at elementary schools. Gerson said from his Miami, Florida offices that the attorneys and investigators at his firm were monitoring the situation and have started their own preliminary investigation to determine how this happened, and what could have been to prevent it from happening.

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