Like other responsible plaintiff’s lawyers we urge many clients to structure significant settlement proceeds for their future security. The benefits of tax-free structured future payouts to plaintiffs are well known and carefully explained to clients at the time of settlement. If there is a downside to these plans it is that no one can foresee the future and thus the structure payment program sometimes no longer meets the client’s needs because of unexpected events and changes in the client’s health or lifestyle.

The sale of structure contracts for cash is now legal. Both the United States ( IRC s5891) and the state of Florida ( F.S. s 626.99296) expressly authorize subsequent sale of annuities by plaintiffs. However, the after market of investors and companies available to purchase uncollected future income streams have included opportunistic financial predators who have treated unsophisticated disabled persons unfairly by purchasing their income streams at steep discounts not consistent with financial market conditions. We urge our clients and others to deal only with reputable companies. One such company has been recommended by the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers: Strategic Capital Corporation. They can be contacted at

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