Cyclist Awarded Over $33,000 Following Road Accident


Bicycle injuries are common across the world, and despite regulations and rules regarding bike safety, it does not appear that accidents have lessened. A recent case in Ireland is an example of how a cyclist can fight for his or her rights and obtain the compensation deserved following an accident. While not all cyclists have a case, if a bicycle accident was caused by another motorist, it may be wise to consider some type of personal injury lawsuit. This could help cover medical fees along with any other expenses related to the accident.

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Injured Cyclist Awarded Over $33,000

A bicycle courier in Europe experienced an accident involving a taxi, and this accident caused slightly serious injuries. The personal injury lawsuit was brought against the taxi driver by the cyclist and cited the taxi driver’s negligence. According to the case, the driver was unaware of the presence of the cyclist until after the accident had occurred. Yet, the driver was not aware of his surroundings and failed to see if there were any other cars, pedestrians, or cyclists coming his way when he moved his taxi.

The cyclist and his lawyer sought a claim for loss of salary earnings (on a weekly basis). This claim was thrown out by the judge, but other items of special damages were allowed. The court awarded the cyclist €30,000 (US equivalent of $33,938.10) for compensation. Hopefully, this will reimburse the cyclist of the costs of medical treatment and possibly even lost wages, despite it being thrown out previously.

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