Florida State Rep Wants to Toughen State Texting Law

Distracted driving has become a national public health crisis. While food, drinks, children, and pets have always provided drivers with ample distraction from the road, technology is increasing the problem to unprecedented proportions. In-vehicle entertainment systems, navigation systems, and the ubiquitous smartphone are diverting drivers’ attention from the road as never before.

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What is Being Done About this Public Health Crisis?

Most states across the nation have enacted some form of ban on texting while driving. While this has created a confusing patchwork of regulations and enforcement, it has, nonetheless, brought attention to a serious problem. Here in Miami, the Florida Ban on Texting While Driving Law prohibits drivers from operating a motor vehicle while manually entering multiple symbols, letters, or character into a wireless device. However, a procedural quirk in the law has made it difficult for law enforcement officers to cite drivers for violations of this law. One state representative wants to change that.

In Florida, texting while driving is a “secondary offense”. This means that an officer cannot stop a driver unless he or she has committed an additional offense other than texting while driving. State Representative Emily Slosberg, a Democrat for Boca Raton, has long campaigned for road safety issues. The issue is personal: Slosberg was involved in a 1996 accident in Boca Raton which killed her twin sister and four other teenagers. Now, as a member of the Florida Legislature, she fights for improved texting bans. The Legislature voted down her proposed legislation to make texting while driving a primary offense in school zones and for drivers under eighteen. Now, she is campaigning local governments to make it a primary offense in their districts. The Boca Raton City Council passed her measure in a 5-0 vote.

Regardless of whether texting and driving is a primary offense or a secondary offense, the fact remains that the behavior has lethal consequences. Legislation will not address this problem until drivers accept personal responsibility for avoiding distracted driving. Avoid the heartache of death, permanent injuries, criminal charges, and heartbreakingly brutal civil litigation. Pay attention to the road, always.


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