Florida Nation’s Leader in Work-Related Deaths

The state of Florida has a serious work-related death problem, the causes of which are not entirely clear. With 221 deaths in 2014, Florida has the second highest rate of work-related deaths in the country based on population behind only Texas. Florida consistently ranks in the top three each year. If you had a loved one killed in a work-related incident, do not hesitate to contact a Miami Wrongful Death Attorney.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that construction, transportation and warehousing, and administrative and waste services were the industries with the highest fatality rates in the state of Florida and nationwide.

Some of these work-related deaths were gruesome, such as one man being pulled into a wood chipper and another being buried alive at a construction site. But most work-related deaths could have been prevented if companies better adhered to standards and regulations set by the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration. According to OSHA, the actual number of work-related deaths are probably much higher than the number reported because these figures do not take into account deaths due to long term, slow acting factors such as exposure to pesticides and other hazardous chemicals in the workplace.

What Can be Done to Prevent Work-Related Deaths

Many workplace deaths are completely preventable if the proper safety measures are put in place. OSHA advises that employers establish a comprehensive injury and illness prevention program to be taught to all employees. Obviously this program would vary greatly among industries as some jobs are far more dangerous than others.

OSHA also says to discontinue any policy that discourages the reporting of work-related injuries and illnesses or in any way shifts blame for these occurrences from the employer to the employee. This will allow a freer environment to report dangerous aspects of the workplace in order to more quickly address problems and find solutions. OSHA also tells employers to support any worker who is concerned with workplace safety and give them a platform to better advocate for more effective safety measures.

It is also the responsibility of communities and local officials to prioritize workplace safety and ensure that worksite evaluations and workplace safety training takes place. They should foster an atmosphere that does not give workers the impression that they must choose between a safe workplace and a reliable paycheck.

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Employers are responsible for making their workplaces as safe a place as possible and adhering to all state and federal workplace safety regulations. If they do not, tragedy may soon follow. If you had a loved one killed in a work-related accident contact the lawyers at Gerson & Schwartz P.A Law Firm. Our lawyers have decades of experience ensuring you receive proper compensation for the tremendous amount of pain entailed with losing spouse or family member. All our cases are conducted on a contingent fee basis so there are no attorney’s fees unless we recover money on your behalf. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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