Two Motorcyclists Suffer Serious Injury In Motor Vehicle Accident Near Venice, Florida

According to a recent story published by the Herald Tribune last month, two people were seriously injured on October 9, 2013, in a motorcycle crash that required authorities to shut down the southbound lanes of U.S. Interstate 75 near mile marker 193 in Venice, Florida. The Florida Highway Patrol concluded that the crash occurred at approximately 6:00 pm when a 2012 Toyota Camry heading southbound in the center lane of I-75 failed to notice a 1994 Honda VXR motorcycle slowing in front of him and rear-ended the rider and his passenger.

The impact of the collision caused the motorcycle to become trapped under the car, which continued forward for another 400 feet. Both the motorcycle driver and passenger suffered critical injuries in the accident and were helicoptered to Blake Medical Center in Bradenton for treatment. The driver of the Camry was cited for careless driving, presumably under Section 316.1925 of the Florida Statutes which requires motorists to drive in a “careful and prudent manner…so as not to endanger the life, limb, or property of any person.”

As this blog has discussed before, motorcycle accidents are particularly dangerous due to the limited amount of protection they provide to riders compared to more traditional modes of transportation such as cars and trucks. Motorcycles are also far less visible in traffic than cars, resulting in an increased risk accident. One report concluded that the risk of a motorcyclists’ likelihood of being killed in a traffic accident is sixteen times that of the driver of an automobile.

Due to the danger inherent in riding a motorcycle, Florida has adopted certain regulations governing the use of motorcycle on its roadways. Section 316.211 of the Florida Statutes requires motorcycle and moped drivers under the age of twenty one to wear a helmet while riding. Riders over the age of twenty one must carry a minimum of $10,000 in insurance protection in order to avoid the helmet law.

Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (“NHTSA”) indicate that ten percent of the fatal motor vehicle accidents occurring each year in the United States involve collision with a motorcycle. Due to its warm weather and beautiful scenery, Florida draws a large number of motorcyclists to its roads annually, which inevitably leads to increase in motorcycle accidents. According to the NHTSA, approximately 82,000 motorists experienced some injury due to a motorcycle crash in 2011, and motorcycle fatalities accounted for 17.0% of all traffic fatalities in the Florida and 18.8% of all traffic fatalities were motorcyclists and their passengers.
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