TSA Officer Shot and Killed at LAX Airport

A TSA Officer who was shot at close range by a 23 year old man at LAX airport on Friday, died after his assailant, Paul Ciancia, shot him for the 2nd time with an assault rifle. Finally, the shooter was apprehended by airport police, shot and captured.He remains hospitalized, in critical condition at Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center, since Sunday. Sadly, the crime victims involved in this heinous shooting included 3 TSA officers, and several other innocent travelers.

Not only was there a note on Ciancia’s body explaining that he was at the airport in order to kill transportation security, but he sent a text message to his father indicating that something terrible was about to occur. Although, Ciancia’s father called police, the police did not find him when they searched his residence. Unfortunately, airport police apprehended Ciancia after it was too late. The victims of this killing spree already died or were badly wounded.

Killing sprees of this nature occur far too often in our country. Airport security such as TSA officers do not carry fire arms for protection, and airport police are the only ones who can truly protect passengers. Greater security is necessary to prevent dangerous, armed, individuals from harming others.

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