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In short, credit card fraud refers to the theft and fraud committed using or involving a payment card, such as a debit card or credit card, as a fraudulent source of funds during a payment transaction. The motive for such crime may be to obtain goods without paying for them or to obtain unauthorized funds from an account. Credit card fraud is, unfortunately, not as rare as you may think.  

Just recently, a Disney cruise ship rescued three people holding on to a capsized boat around 40 miles north of Cuba.  It would later be found that the three individuals were attempting to escape credit card fraud charges in the United States. Two of the three had outstanding warrants on federal charges stemming from New Orleans. A warrant was issued for the third suspect. The suspects were trying to flee to the Communist-led Island. As mentioned above, credit card fraud is among the most common forms of scams. Florida-based rings, in essence, clone stolen credit numbers, encode them onto newer credit cards and then the individual will travel the country, making unlawful purchases. They also purchase gift cards at retailers. The gift cards would then be sold, at a discount, for cash. From these acts, several major retailers have lost millions of dollars. The suspects’ credit card fraud scheme involved the use of 28 fraudulent cards.  

It is no fun being a victim of credit card fraud. It may certainly lead you to feel helpless. It is imperative that you retain an attorney for your case. The Miami credit card fraud lawyers at Gerson & Schwartz, PA can provide the help you deserve.  

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