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Miami Boating Accidents Often Result in Serious Injuries

At Gerson & Schwartz, P.A., our maritime accident lawyers represent the victims of serious boating accidents and injuries.  We understand the complexities of maritime law and know how to hold negligent boat operators, manufacturers, cruise lines, marinas, and others who operate in the recreational boating industry responsible for their actions.

The recent death of Jose Fernandez gained significant attention locally and nationally. Hernandez, who was under the influence of illegal drugs and alcohol crashed his boat into a large group of rocks located on South East side of Government Cut. Accidents like these are preventable and avoidable. Hernandez’s death has resulted in a high profile wrongful death lawsuit. The allegations in that lawsuit filed in Miami Dade County Circuit Court, highlight the many dangers and types of reckless conduct that can result in boat accident fatalities.  Our injury lawyers urge all boat operators and passengers to exercise extreme caution this boating season.

We discuss causation (sometimes called proximate cause) often in this blog, and for good reason. It’s usually the most difficult part of an injury lawsuit to prove, and defendants often challenge proximate cause vigorously at trial. Additionally, the concept of causation is often so vague that different courts may appear to rule differently in every factual scenario.

What is Proximate Cause?

Just as it sounds, proximate cause asks whether the defendant’s negligence actually caused the injury. By way of example, assume a car rear-ends a vehicle driven by a person with a heart condition. Two days later, that person dies of a heart attack. Did the accident cause the death, or the heart condition?

When a car hits a pedestrian, it’s no wonder that there is often very serious injury that results. On one side are tons of steel barreling at significant speeds. On the other side, is a soft, slow, and vulnerable human body, which may not even see the accident coming. The result is almost always a huge disaster.

The Facts on Pedestrian Accidents

From 2009-2013 in Miami Dade County, there were 6,419 car-on-pedestrian accidents of varying degrees of injury. In the 0-17 age group, at least one injury was reported in 84% of accidents. Children, who are often walking about the neighborhood, playing in the street with friends, or who just may not appreciate the dangers of walking amongst cars, are sadly the ones most at risk.

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