Rapes and Sexual Assaults on Cruises


Rapes and sexual assaults on cruise ships happen often. Recently, 1,700 young students boarded the Luxury MS Galaxy cruise ship on a trip to Finland. What was intended to be a rewarding experienced turned ended in tragedy. Eight male passengers between the ages of 18 and 19 were arrested when the cruise ship landed.  Said men face charges of gang-raping a female student and aggravated rape. The attack occurred inside one of the ship’s cabins. One of these eight men has a prior criminal conviction. Two of these eight men are actually suspects in a separate high-profile murder case in Stockholm. Said murder occurred in November of 2015. As suspects to the murder case they were released pending trial and provided the opportunity to violently offend again.     

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Sexual Assault and Sexual Battery

The crimes of sexual assault and sexual battery are serious offenses with serious consequences, and their penalties are severe. Rape is included under the general term of sexual battery. Statutes no longer separate the two. In order for the prosecutor to convict a person of such a charge, he or she must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, each of the elements for sexual battery. In brief, the prosecutor must establish that the accused engaged in vaginal, anal, or oral penetration of the victim with a sexual organ or object. In the alternative, prosecution is required to show a union by the accused’s sexual organ with the victim’s vagina, anus, or mouth.

If the victim is above the age of 12, the law requires the prosecutor to prove that the victim did not voluntarily consent to the sexual acts. Alternatively, if the victim is below the age of 12, prosecution is not required to prove the victim’s lack of consent. Instead, the young age of the victim will presumptively establish his or her lack of consent to the offense.

Being a Victim of Sexual Assault or Sexual Battery

The General Maritime Law applies to sexual assaults, rapes, and personal injuries onboard cruise ships. If you are the victim of such an offense, it is critical that you report the incident to the FBI as soon as you reasonably can. Ask your cruise line to allow you to contact the FBI. Cruise lines are required to allow passengers to speak to the FBI upon request. Once reported, the FBI will investigate the incident. Of course, the cruise line will want to give the FBI its own side of the story. Once your cruise ship has ported, you should then visit the nearest rape treatment center.   

Take Action

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