Miami Construction Accident Attorneys Discuss Scaffold Safety

A recent deadly scaffold collapse in Miami reminds construction companies to use caution when erecting and utilizing scaffolding on construction sites.  Construction companies use scaffolding frequently. The apparatus is more stable than a ladder and allows workers to move about more freely without worrying too much about losing their balance. However, scaffolding can create a false sense of security on behalf of those employees using it. Considerable attention must be paid to the safety requirements of scaffolds. Failure to do so can result in serious injury and death from collapsing equipment. A construction company may be held liable for the injuries suffered by workers from scaffolding failures. Miami construction accident attorneys with decades of experience will fight to hold construction companies responsible for your injuries or your loved one’s death caused by scaffold collapses.

The recent deadly collapse occurred in Miami in mid-October of 2016. Construction workers set up scaffolding on the outside of a high-rise building. Without warning, the scaffolding failed. The collapsing scaffold cast debris in all directions injuring workers and passers-by alike. The person killed as a result of the collapse died from a heart attack as a result of fleeing from the falling structure. The debris crashed down on a worker’s head who, despite wearing a helmet, suffered a severe laceration to his head.  The cause of the accident remains under investigation by the Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

OSHA’s primary function is to protect workers from unsafe or unhealthy working conditions.  Accordingly, OSHA issued safety standards for scaffolding use. The safety standards impose an obligation on employer and employee alike to make sure that they are using scaffolding appropriately and safely while on the job. The security requirements may seem so obvious that they need not be stated. Notwithstanding, scrupulous adherence to the rules can save lives and prevent injuries.

OSHA cautions employers using scaffolding to follow several steps before and during use. Before starting work, companies should assess the area for any dangerous conditions and make certain that the scaffolding was assembled correctly and is functioning according to design.  Next, construction managers must follow load requirements for weight because an overloaded structure is prone to collapse. Also, guardrails must be used, and the platform must be free from tripping dangers.  Also, scaffolding may not move any closer than ten feet to live electrical wires.

OSHA requires construction companies to train their workers properly. Proper training includes instruction on how to move and construct the scaffolding. Companies must also train their employees not to use other items such as ladders, guardrails, or buckets on the platform to reach higher. Using items such as these to reach higher will quickly throw the worker off balance, increasing the likelihood of a fall or scaffolding collapse.

Failure To Follow OSHA Standards Creates Dangerous Working Conditions

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