Florida East Coast Railway Train 210 Kills 2 In Same Day, Personal Injury Lawyer Says Thorough Investigation Needed

A Florida East Coast Railway train struck and killed 2 people in entirely different incidents. Jonathan Adario was killed when Florida East Coast Railway Train 210 hit him at a crossing in Fort Lauderdale. It was reported that Adario was laying on the tracks. But, Miami personal injury lawyer Nicholas Gerson who handles train accident cases says these initial reports don’t often tell the entire story. We find that the reports are usually self sevring statements from train crew and not always based on idependent witnesses. Oddly enough, the same train just 10 hours later struck another man in St. Augustine and suicide is also being looked into. Where is the suggestion that the train crew or railroad were negligent said Nicholas I. Gerson of Gerson & Schwartz, PA . Gerson says that many times in train accident cases the police reports over look negligent acts of the railroad and their crew. The reports are often written favorably towards the train operators like CSX and Florida East Coast.

Its too early to tell. We will have to wait to see what the black box and other data can be retrieved. Gerson says that in many cases he sees the police reports will often say that a car ran into the path of an oncoming train suggesting the car but not the train was to blame. But is some cases Gerson has handled important facts such as whether the automatic crossing gates were operating are not mentioned anywhere.

The fact that two people were killed by the same train on the same day is unusual. More so is the fact that both accidents suggest suicide with no suggestion that the train or crew were negligent, careless, or otherwise to blame. What was the train crew doing at the time and did they follow proper operating procedures? How fast was the train going? And what advanced signal warnings were there in place? Were they all functioning? There a lot of questions that need to be answered before anyone should make any conclusions about the accident said Gerson early Wednsday morning.

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