Another Cruise Ship Crash: Will It Ever End?

Will it Ever End?? When is it going to stop? Yet another cruise ship crash has occurred over the last 24 hours near Halong Bay, Vietnam. This time it was the, “Silversea Shadow”, which collided with a container ship under foggy conditions. What is the reason for these life threatening cruise ship crashes in today’s technologically advanced era? These ships have radar, sonar, and satellite communications. So, is it due to human error, once again? Why can’t the maritime industry prevent these catastrophic occurrences on the water? At Gerson & Schwartz, PA we bring claims against cruise ships for their negligence. Attorney, Nicholas I. Gerson, a maritime injury lawyer with the firm believes “our cruise ship executives need to be held 100% responsible for the hiring of their captains and their crew. More frequent, monitoring of the ship’s technology is imperative. Prevention is the answer“ says Gerson. More regulatations, more saferguards, and better hiring practices are the keys to ensuring the safety of our passengers, crew members, and environment. For more information about Gerson & Schwatz PA, contact 305-371-6000 or visit us online by clicking this link

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