Eight Driving Safety Tips to Reduce the Likelihood of Car Accidents in Miami

jannes-glas-1074946-unsplash-copy-300x169There will always be motor vehicle accidents in Florida, but there are some ways you can reduce the chance that they will happen to you. Safe driving tips go above and beyond following the traffic laws stated in the Official Florida Driver License Handbook, and there is more to avoiding collisions than what you may have learned in driver’s ed. 

You can rely on a Miami car accidents lawyer to protect your rights if you are involved in a crash, but check out some recommendations in hopes that you will never be in such a position.

  • Do Not Drive Drunk or Stoned: Despite enormous public awareness campaigns regarding the dangers, some motorists still take the risk by getting behind the wheel after drinking or using drugs. Never drive after having even just a couple of alcoholic beverages. Call a friend, Uber, or Lyft to get you home safely.
  • Get Off the Phone: It is now the law in Florida, but it is also unsafe to text, talk, or use the phone while driving. Plus, there are other forms of distracted driving to avoid, including adjusting the radio, operating a GPS, grooming, and eating or drinking.
  • Never Tailgate: When you are following the vehicle in front of you too closely, you greatly reduce your reaction time if it stops suddenly or slows down. Allow at least one car length for every 10 miles of speed that you are traveling, as a general rule.
  • Keep Your Vehicle in Safe Working Order: You should have a regular maintenance schedule for checking – and making repairs – to brakes, steering, windshield wipers, tires, and other parts of your car. When any of these systems fails from neglect, you are at risk of an accident.
  • Mind Your Blind Spots: Your mirrors are helpful in providing visibility around most of your vehicle, but they cannot allow you to see everything around you. Take extra precaution in traffic, especially when changing lanes and passing other cars. In addition, remember that other motorists also have blind spots. Do your best to stay out of them.
  • Always Use Turn Indicators: Part of safety is alerting others know what you are doing, so they can respond appropriately. You increase the threat of an accident when drivers around you are surprised by your maneuvers.
  • Take Advantage of Advanced Safety Features: Most recently manufactured vehicles are equipped with lane departure alarms, auto-braking, advanced cruise control, and other technology. They cannot replace your own judgment and actions, but they do increase safety.
  • Understand That Others are NOT Using These Tips: Not all drivers care about safety, which means you need to be a defensive driver when other motorists do not use the tips mentioned above.

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(image courtesy of Jannes Glas)

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