Allegations of sexual abuse by three young men who attended the Catholic High school, Monsignor Edward Pace, have prompted a law suit in Miami Dade County against the school’s dean, Ken Ward. In addition, one of these alleged crime victims claims that he was also sexually abused at another school he previously attended before Pace High School. Identified only as John Does, one of the young men maintains, that while he attended The Immaculate Conception Catholic School in the 1990’s, the principal of that school, Rev. Gustavo Miyares repeatedly sexually abused him there , as well. In both cases, the Catholic Church covered up the abuse , according to reports.
Three plaintiffs are named in a lawsuit against two separate schools, as well as the Archdiocese of Miami. According to the victims and their families, the Archdiocese of Miami was attempting to protect the church and schools for decades. School authorities,and church clergymen hid horrific allegations of sexual abuse, further causing more pain and suffering for the victims and their families. If the church and the schools had come forward with the information when they learned about it years ago, and subsequently, attempted to stop the abuse, perhaps future victims might have been spared.
Parents who entrust the leadership and religiosity of the Catholic Church to keep their children safe while educating them at school, should never have to find out that their children are at risk or in danger by administrators of the school. Sexually abusing a child is a heinous crime and hiding behind the veil of the Catholic Church makes it that much worse. Sex abuse crime victim attorneys at Gerson & Schwartz, PA have worked with many families whose children were abused by individuals they entrusted at schools or day care centers, throughout the state of Florida, for years. The expertise and professionalism of the attorneys and staff at Gerson & Schwartz, PA brings a sensitivity and understanding to these cases in and out of the courtroom.

Anytime, a child is a victim of a crime especially that of a sexual nature, there is a level of interest surrounding the case which can attract media reports and scandal. Only an experienced personal injury law firm specializing in sexual abuse and child abuse crime victim cases should be involved. Gerson & Schwartz, PA knows how to handle cases involving child victims and their families and obtain compensation for preventable harms.

Civil suits can be filed against institutions such as church’s or schools wherein an individual such as a teacher, administrator, or clergy member has violated a child sexually based on principles of vicarious liability. When parents send their children to school or church, they believe that they are safe, and the children learn to trust their educators and leaders. Unfortunately, far too often, this is not the case.

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