Will My Insurer Cover Me If I have A Motor Vehicle Accident In Florida Under The New Law?

Florida lawmakers have passed a new law which was implemented January 1 stating that all drivers from foreign countries (including Canada) must have an International Driver’s License to operate a vehicle in Florida. Many of our clients have been seeking the advice of a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa to help them determine whether they would be covered in the event of an accident if they were driving in Florida without an International License.

Victims of motor vehicle accidents seeking a lawyer in Toronto may want to consult with the head office of the Insurance Bureau of Canada, which has recently issued a statement indicating that they’ve asked insurance companies to conduct business in the same way as they have to date, therefore protecting all Canadians if such an unfortunate event should arise.

On their end, the Florida Highway Patrol has indicated they will not be enforcing the new law as it is subject to review due to potential conflict with international agreements.

The Canadian issuers of the International Driver’s Permits have asked the State of Florida to change the law so that it does not apply to Canadians. We’re wondering what Florida accident attorneys such as the Miami Personal Injury law firm of Gerson & Schwartz , PA think of all this. In the meantime, we at Intraligi Law Firm would advise all our Canadian friends to obtain an IDP just to be safe before their next trip to Florida. Despite assurances to the contrary, you don’t want to have a car accident and then hear a police officer tell you you’re driving without a valid license, or worse yet, your insurance company. The last time we checked, the CAA website indicated the fee for such a license is $25. The annoying part is that you have to go get those passport photos taken before you can apply.

Stephan Intraligi, Hon.B.A., J.D., Esq.

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