When are Miami Drivers at the Highest Risk for a Car Accident?

Even when you are extremely cautious and drive defensively on the busy streets of Miami, car accidents are still a threat. However, the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) collects data to better understand when the risk of collisions is higher. Various factors impact the potential for crashes according to different days of the week, seasons, holidays, the time of day, and more. When you know the most dangerous times to be on the road, you can avoid non-essential trips and take extra precautions when you do need to drive.


Since you cannot prevent crashes entirely, it is important to work with a Miami car accidents attorney if you were injured. Plus, you can review the following information on when drivers are at the highest risk of being involved in a crash.


Holidays Associated with Celebrations


The primary risk associated with holidays is that more people celebrate by consuming alcoholic beverages. It would not be such a problem, except that they might then exercise poor judgment by getting behind the wheel after a few drinks. The most dangerous holidays according to FLHSMV include:


  • St. Patrick’s Day;
  • Memorial Day;
  • The Fourth of July;
  • Labor Day;
  • Halloween;
  • Thanksgiving;
  • Christmas Eve and Christmas Day; and,
  • New Year’s Eve.




At the end of a long week, many 9-to-5 workers get a head start on the weekend by having a few drinks. Happy hour on a Friday generally runs from around 4 pm to 7 pm, so exercise caution around these times to avoid drunk drivers. Still, Fridays can also be dangerous for conditions unrelated to alcohol consumption. Motorists may be in a hurry to get home so they can relax and enjoy their weekends.


Evening Rush Hour in Miami


Most auto crashes occur between 3pm and 6pm, when many drivers are leaving their places of work. The result is gridlock on the busy roadways around Miami, but contributing factors include road rage and distracted driving.


Midnight to 3 a.m.


This time of day is when most DUI crash fatalities occur, especially in the early morning hours of Saturday and Sunday. The dark conditions also increase the potential for drowsy driving.


Start of Rainfall


Weather is a common cause of many auto crashes, and heavy rain is common in Miami. Reduced visibility leads to many collisions, and slippery surfaces compound the problem. The first few minutes of rainfall present a significant threat, as drivers are adjusting to the new conditions.


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