Train Derails Killing and Injuring Commuters from Bronx to Manhattan

A commuter train traveling from the Bronx to Manhattan derailed after traveling over 80 miles per hour while approaching a curvature on the tracks. This fatal train accident resulted in 4 wrongful deaths and at least 67 reported injuries. At only 10 miles away from its NYC destination, the engineer and operator of this train, William Rockefeller, apparently did not activate his brakes in nearly enough time to prevent this catastrophic incident.

So far, there is no evidence of drugs or alcohol. However, driver error, operational negligence and possible track maintenance are all viable causes for this train derailing, killing, or injuring innocent victims. Similarly, in July 2013, a train derailed on the tracks in Spain, due to its traveling at high speeds way above the legal speed limit. Indications that Rockefeller was speeding above and beyond the legal speed limit of 70 miles per hour limit are documented. The rails and tracks were demolished in various sections of the railway, and debris was found scattered around the accident scene. It is being assumed, that this train did not derail, as a result of faulty track conditions, but rather because the driver was not operating at safe speeds necessary to keep it on track. The National Safety Transportation Board will likely take it’s time investigating.

Routine track inspections of these and other tracks were held during the very same week that the accident took place. Reportedly, there were no known defects or problems cited. In this case, the final destination, Grand Central Station was never reached that day, and commuters on this train were so shocked by the impact that they were unclear about what was happening at the time. The New York Metro-North Hudson line maintains that this particular train was sufficiently maintained. Thus, fingers are being pointed at the engineer, Mr. Rockefeller, himself.

All responsible parties should and likely will be held accountable for the loss of life and serious injuries caused to innocent victims.These individuals put their trust in the train engineer and the rail road operations, in general.

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