Top Five Florida Traffic Laws Miami Drivers Ignore

Even if you are diligent about complying with all Florida rules of the road when out driving around Miami, there is a good chance that there are plenty of other motorists who do not. Some may be in a rush to get to their final destination, while others did not see a traffic sign or vehicle traveling in their blind spot. At times, drivers may even engage in intentional violations of traffic laws because they do not want to be inconvenienced or believe that a phone call is too important to miss. 

Regardless of the reasons behind their actions, drivers who disregard the rules put everyone else on the road at risk of serious auto crashes. Not only do they threaten other individuals in motorized vehicles, but negligent motorists can cause severe harm to pedestrians and bicycle riders. A Miami car accident attorney can advise you on your legal options if you were hurt, but you can take action to protect yourself when you know the top traffic laws that drivers do not follow.

  • Speed Limits: Probably the most common – and certainly one of the most dangerous – traffic laws to break involves speeding. Authorities designate speed zones for various reasons, but they generally all center on safety. Going faster than the posted limit could increase the potential for accidents if the mph was set due to curves, traffic volume, a steep grade, narrowing of lanes, or many other factors.
  • Right of Way Rules: There are countless scenarios where one driver is required to yield right of way to another motorist, a pedestrian, person on bicycle, or other road user. The failure to do may take the other individual off guard: When someone assumes they have the right of way, they will act accordingly and could potentially put themselves in harms’ way.
  • Distracted Driving Prohibitions: A motorist cannot pay proper attention to the road and traffic conditions if he or she is texting, talking on the phone, posting to social media, or engaged in other cell phone use. While Florida makes these activities unlawful, many drivers disregard the laws and safety issues.
  • Traffic Signals: Motorists know their driving duties when they encounter a traffic sign or light, but they may not always comply with instructions. Instead of proceeding with caution at a yellow light, many will accelerate to make it through the intersection.
  • Use of Turn Indicators: You might complain about other drivers’ failures to use a blinker when turning, but the issue is more than mere frustration. Carelessness with turn indicators is a major safety hazard that leads to auto crashes.

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