String of Crime on Miami Beach Prompts Early Closure

According to various reports, Miami Beach Commissioners recently voted to close Miami Beach east of the dunes at 10 p.m. The decision to close the beach two hours earlier is an attempt to curb crime and keep both residents and tourists safe. The beach will continue to open at 5 a.m.

The vote was prompted by a recent string of violent crimes and thefts that have occurred late at night, including the vicious assault and rape of a tourist on the beach that happened over the summer, after the woman had fallen asleep.

Proponents of the earlier closure asked the commission to engage in an educational outreach designed at educating the public about the reasons for the change. In response, the commission stated that it was investigating the best ways to engage in an information campaign, including signs and other outreach.

Many victims of violent crime are unaware that in addition to seeking criminal charges, they may also be able to seek monetary damages against the perpetrators who have wronged them. In some cases when behavior does not rise to the legal definition of a crime, or if government lawyers decide not to pursue charges, a civil case may be an option.

Additionally, damages can sometimes be recovered for criminal wrongdoing based on the negligent acts of business operators and landowners, even religious organizations.

As relevant to crime victims, common theories of legal responsibility are based on legal concepts known as negligent security or inadequate security measures. These legal claims are generally filed against property owner, managers and other negligent businesses that can potentially be considered as partially responsible for the resultant crimes. Essentially, if it were not for the negligence of the business or landowner, such as in failing to provide adequate security measures– especially if crimes of a similar nature have already occurred– the crime likely would not have occurred.

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