South Miami Car Crash Leads to Multiple Injuries and 1 Fatality

In early May, a two-vehicle accident in South Miami caused four individuals injuries and one person’s tragic death. The collision took place on U.S. 1 near 62nd and 57th avenues. The initial reports following the crash stated two pedestrians had been struck, one person had been seriously injured, and four others had been taken to nearby hospitals with unknown injuries. Later reports stated one person was killed in the crash, which took place at an intersection locals know to be dangerous.

The cause of the crash is under investigation by the Miami-Dade Police Department. Their findings will influence potential criminal and civil proceedings. One or both vehicle drivers may be found to have violated traffic laws, which could lead to tickets or traffic offense charges. Also, the at-fault driver may face civil personal injury or wrongful death claims for compensation from the injured parties and their families.If you were injured or lost a loved one in a car accident, you should speak with a Miami car accident lawyer at Gerson & Schwartz P.A. as soon as possible. Call us at 305-371-6000 or toll free at (877) 475-2905 to schedule a free consultation.

Liability for Car Accidents

The individual who causes a car accident through their negligence is liable for the cost of the injuries and property damage the accident causes. Most vehicle accidents are the result of one or more drivers being careless or reckless behind the wheel. Common causes of car accidents involve speeding, running red lights, distractions, fatigue, and intoxication. All of these factors are under the driver’s control and preventable. Drivers can follow the rules of the road and put their cell phones away. They can choose to not drive when they are overly tired or had too much to drink. When drivers choose to ignore other peoples’ safety and cause a crash, then they are negligent. The victims of the crash can hold them liable for their property damage as well as physical, psychological, and financial injuries.

Car Accident Compensation Claims

Individuals who are injured in car accidents caused by another driver should speak with a Miami car accident attorney right away. While accident victims may have a legal right to compensation, seeking and obtaining that compensation is not always easy. By hiring a lawyer, accident victims have skilled and experienced legal representation that is able to go up against the major insurers and fight for their rights in court.

At Gerson & Schwartz P.A., we have years of experience helping car accident victims. We are here to guide you through the insurance claims process, including preparing you to provide a statement to the insurer, protecting your privacy during the insurer’s investigation, and negotiating a fair settlement. We will independently investigate your claim, gather evidence on your behalf, and document your injuries. Based on our experience and research, we will know what your case is worth and we will fight for you to obtain as much compensation as possible.

In many situations, we may also file a personal injury lawsuit. There are multiple advantages to this. By filing a lawsuit, we demonstrate to the at-fault driver and insurer that we are serious about obtaining appropriate compensation for you and not a low ball settlement offer. The lawsuit puts pressure on the insurer to honestly negotiate a settlement to avoid going to trial. The lawsuit is also helpful because of the discovery process. During this phase of a lawsuit, the parties seek information and documentation from each other. This can be essential to obtaining evidence to support your claim of negligence.

Were You Injured in a Car Accident?

If you were hurt in a vehicle collision, your next step should be to contact an attorney. Our legal team at Gerson & Schwartz P.A has decades of experience representing individuals seriously hurt in car accidents. We understand how devastating this situation is and how important it is to have someone on your side, fighting for you.

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