Six People Injured Miami Crash

A driver lost control while speeding on I-95 and crashed into a wall. The accident, which left six people injured, happened late on Sep. 1, 2013, resulting in the closure of all southbound lanes at exit 103. Florida Highway Patrol proceeded to investigate the incident.

According to CBS Miami, a black Nissan carrying four people was travelling at high speeds when the 21-year-old driver lost control and crashed the vehicle into a guardrail, another wall and finally a second car. The impact of hitting the wall resulted in two of the four people being ejected from the vehicle, one of whom was the driver. They were taken to Ryder Trauma Centre. The driver and one passenger were listed in critical condition, and the other two passengers had severe but stable injuries.

The two people travelling in the second car also were injured. The vehicle was struck as the Nissan spun out after rebounding off the wall. Fortunately, their injuries were minor and were treated on the scene by Miami-Dade Fire Rescue.

Car Accidents and Personal Injury

Auto accidents are all too common in the Miami, Florida area, and in a large percentage of cases, innocent parties are affected. Everyone is aware of the dangers on the road, and although certain precautions can be taken, other people’s carelessness or reckless behaviours are difficult to foresee. Speeding, as was demonstrated in this story, is one way in which an individual’s actions can result in injury to an innocent victim.

There are many factors that can contribute to car accidents and personal injury, but if someone is injured as a result of a crash that was not his or her fault, compensation may be owed. If you or someone you know has been in a collision that caused injury, it’s important to act fast and hire an attorney that has experience with both car crashes and personal injury.

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