Sexual Assault, Battery, and Molestation in Florida

Today, the subject of childhood sexual abuse and molestation is of much attention. As a matter of fact, 28 to 33 percent of women and 12 to 18% of men were once victims of childhood or adolescent sexual abuse. Recently, a 32 year-old man, Jack Kelly, was arrested and charged with sexual battery and lewd and lascivious molestation. He allegedly sexually abused his 7-year-old daughter and admitted to inappropriately touching her more than 100 times. Officers discovered that he also sexually battered the girl at least twice.

If you or a loved one is a victim of such a horrendous crime, it is imperative that you hire an experienced attorney. Doing so will better your chances of adequate compensation. Such attorneys can be found at Gerson & Schwartz PA. We truly understand that being a victim of sexual assault, battery, and molestation is a traumatic and life changing event. We will fight effortlessly to get you or your loved one the compensation deserved.          

Effects of this Crime

There are countless effects on victims of sexual assault, battery and molestation. Here is a non-exclusive list. First, the victim may feel helpless or powerless later in life. They may feel as if everything is out of control. This sometimes leads the victim to destructive behaviors such as suicide attempts or substance abuse. This feeling of being “out of control” has the tendency of negatively affecting their chances of later becoming successful and dependent. The victim normally encounters a low self esteem and may sometimes experience flashbacks or nightmares of the incident.

Second, the victim may feel isolated or different from other individuals their age. This often leads to relationship problems as the victim becomes unable to trust others. This then leads to poor social skills. Third, the child victim may feel betrayed by the innocent parent. He or she may wonder why that parent did not protect him or her. Fourth, the victim may be in constant fear.  Their offender may threaten them by saying if they tell somebody, something terrible will happen. Fifth, the victim may feel anger against the abuser and also against other individuals who the victim believes failed to protect them. Sixth, perhaps the strongest effect is sadness.  The child may feel grief and this is certainly true if the abuser was a loved one.

Take Action

There are several negative effects of sexual assault, battery and molestation; some are life altering. For this reason, it is important to hire an attorney for your case. The experienced attorneys at Gerson & Schwartz PA will aggressively take on your case. We helped a family recover $60 million when they discovered their 6-year-old daughter was being routinely sexually molested at a daycare center while both parents were away at work. After a thorough investigation, we found that the Condominium Association that recommended the Daycare Center had knowledge of such incidents yet failed to cooperate or tell parents what they knew.  The Condominium Association later settled the case. We know the law and we will aggressively fight for your rights! You deserve to be adequately compensated. Contact us today for a FREE consultation!     

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