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Questions Remain About Florida No Fault Insurance Law

Questions still remain about Florida’s No Fault Insurance Law. Under the previous legislation, which expired on October 1, 2007 Florida drivers were required to hold $10,000 of personal injury protection on their car or automobile insurance policies. Under the existing law, individuals who sustain injuries in a car or automobile accident were covered for the first $10,0000 of the medical bills regardless of who causes the crash.

The effects and future of this legislation will have a significant for those who are injured in car and other automobile accidents. Florida was one of only twelve states to carry this legislation. Charlie Christ has included the scope of the legislative special set session of Florida law markers by adding no-fault auto insurance to the agenda.

Law makers believe that the previous PIP laws have allowed medical practitioners to run up medical bills for injuries that do not require such care. Earlier this week, Charlie Christ expanded the scope of the special session of Florida law markers by adding no-fault auto insurance to the agenda.

Phil Gerson, a Miami based personal injury lawyer for more than 37 years was asked what this means for car and other motor vehicle accident victims? ” We really just don’t know yet and well have to wait and see what the lawmakers decide” Gerson believes there will likely be some sort of personal injury protection set in place even if they do not mirror the previous protections afforded to accident victims under the previous no-fault laws.

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