Polk County Hospital Sued After Nurse Severs Infant’s Finger

A Florida mother has sued Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center and a nurse employed by the hospital for negligence after the nurse allegedly severed part of her 3-month-old daughter’s finger. The baby’s mother, Veronica Olguin, has alleged hospital nurse Emily Anna Stutz negligently failed to follow proper safety procedures while using scissors near her child. Olguin has also accused the hospital of failing to properly train its employees and failing to properly supervise Stutz. In the Polk County Circuit Court lawsuit, the baby’s mother is seeking more than $15,000 in damages.

The lawsuit resulted from an October 2011 incident during which Olguin’s daughter, Selena, reportedly lost half of her left pinky finger. According to Olguin, the nurse was attempting to cut a plastic intravenous tube from Selena’s hand immediately before the baby was scheduled to be discharged from the hospital following a fever. Instead, Stutz allegedly severed part of the child’s finger and ran out of the room screaming. Following the accident, hospital doctors unsuccessfully attempted to reattach the infant’s finger.

An attorney for the child’s mother claims the lawsuit was filed after the hospital refused to respond to his settlement requests. He also stated his client wanted to ensure other children did not become the victims of similar accidents in the future. Olguin reportedly expressed concern that the loss of her finger may result in future emotional damage to Selena. Hospital officials expressed regret over the incident and said the parties had yet to reach a settlement agreement.

An attorney for the nurse stated his client was distraught over the incident and took time off of work immediately following the accident. Hospital officials also stated Stutz is a skilled nurse who made an unfortunate mistake while removing bandages from an infant’s tiny finger. Stutz is still employed as a nurse at Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center.

Each year, many Florida residents are killed or disabled by medical negligence. Health care professionals such as doctors and nurses owe their patients a certain standard of care. When health care providers fail to provide the required level of care or make mistakes, a victim may hold them accountable by filing a medical malpractice lawsuit. If you or a family member was injured by a doctor or nurse, a capable South Florida medical malpractice lawyer can help you preserve your rights.

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