No Texting While Driving Passes in Florida Senate

Texting while driving is a rampant problem across the US, which often times leads to catastrophic car accidents. The state of Florida is one of the only remaining states who had not yet passed a law banning texting while driving, until now. The senate has approved and passed Bill 52 making texting a secondary violation for drivers, who are cited for a primary driving infraction. If it is discovered, that a driver is typing on any device whatsoever, he or she will receive an additional citation for this, now illegal activity.

Statistics indicate that thousands of teens and adults are killed each year due to texting and driving. Miami auto accident attorneys, as well as law enforcement deal with these critical cases on a regular basis. The dangers of distracted driving have been proven over and over again throughout the world. According to Distraction.Gov, drivers who use a hand held device are 4 times more likely to get into life threatening car accidents. Sending a text or an email can take a driver’s eyes of the road for an average of 4.6 seconds, resulting in serious car accidents that cause injury to drivers, passengers and pedestrians, alike.

Personal injury attorneys Nicholas and Philip Gerson have seen firsthand what can happen when a careless driver is holding the wheel and a hand held device at the same time. They have handled numerous cases in which a driver who sent a quick text or email caused serious harm to their clients. Wrongful death cases or cases of catastrophic injuries are the result of driver negligence.

If drivers were not otherwise distracted, they would have been paying closer attention to the road. Texting or sending emails while driving takes the driver out of the moment and away from noticing the street signs, lights, or innocent pedestrians. Frequently, teen agers who are new drivers are easily distracted by texting while driving. Due to their young age and inexperience, children’s slower reflexes become a handicap for them while navigating the road. 11 teenage drivers die every day in the US due to texting and driving.

Catastrophic injury attorneys at the law firm of Gerson & Schwartz, PA help accident victims bring claims and seek punitive damages against drivers and insurance companies for the gross negligence committed while driving in a distracted way.For over 40 years, accident attorneys, Philip and Nicholas Gerson have assisted individuals in navigating their way through the justice system. Dealing with insurance companies is a process that only a specialized attorney should handle. Taking on this huge responsibility as an injured party, can be a daunting task and should be left to qualified professionals.

If you or someone you care about has been in an automobile accident, let the serious injury lawyers at Gerson & Schwartz, PA assist you in the legal process. Driving and texting is a dangerous combination and can result in catastrophic injuries or even death. Contact the Miami car accident lawyers of Gerson & Schwartz, PA today for a free consultation today. Call (877) 475-2905 or (305)371-6000.

Sources:The Miami Herald, Tuesday April 16, 2013

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