Club Lexx Night Club Shooting : One Man Killed by Security Guard

This week a man was shot and killed and another man was seriously injured outside the nude dancing Miami night club, called “Club Lexx”, located on NW 27th Ave. in Miami, Florida. A witness stated that an altercation took place between the security guard and the two men who were shot. Both individuals were taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital following the shooting. One died and the other remains in stable condition. What if any security measures there were at the club and or parking lot are not clear. However, according to sources this was not the first violent crime at this Miami location. Other reports state that a van in the parking lot was riddled with bullets. It is still unclear if there was any security measures in the parking lot.

Individuals who go to nightclubs must rely on the security to keep them safe. Especially, at a place where the patrons are checked to ensure they do not have any deadly weapons on their persons when entering, the customer’s expectation is that no deadly force will be used against them even in a confrontation. A security guard should not be shooting at unarmed individuals who do not pose an equal threat to their safety.

Patrons are suppose to be routinely scanned for firearms before entering the club and the man shot clearly did not possess a firearm at the time of his death. The law firm of Gerson & Schwartz, PA, specializes in security negligence such as crimes in parking lots and other property and successfully recovered money damages for individuals harmed or killed due to the negligence of others. If you or anyone you know has been seriously injured or the victim of a violent crime you may have a claim for negligent security. For more information, contact Gerson & Schwartz, PA at (305)371-6000 or email for a free consultation.

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