New Studies of Child Abuse Reveal Serious Personal Injuries Increasing in Children Under the Age of One

A national study by Yale University doctors, John Leventhal and Julie Gaither of New Haven, Connecticut contradicts the previous reports and findings by Child Protective Services regarding the number of child abuse cases in the US. This new report demonstrates why the previous reports by Child Protective Services were inaccurate and unsubstantiated. This new study documents the number of physical injuries resulting from child abuse which indicates an upward trend in very young victims who have sustained physical injuries by parents or care givers.

Previously, the number of child abuse victims was inaccurately presumed to be declining according to the Child Protective Services study. Actually, this was a misrepresentation based on one single data source that was incomplete. Unfortunately, the devastating truth is that there is actually an increase in child abuse cases documented by hospitals, wherein children under the age of one year old account for the majority of all abuse cases reported.

According to Med Page and ABCNEWS.COM, the current Yale University study indicates that children under the age of 1 make up for 54 percent of cases in the hospitalization data, for child victims of physical abuse. Thus, the number of physical injuries inflicted upon very young children is increasing while those injuries inflicted upon older children are decreasing. The Kids’ Inpatient Database reflects , that assault and battery, of extremely young infants and children are resulting in injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, serious burns, abdominal injuries, just to name a few. Alarmingly, the incidence of death in children who were physically abused over a period of 12 years rose from .25 to .36 per 100,000 children. Child victims are innocent victims and, they cannot defend themselves.

Personal injury attorneys, Philip and Nicholas Gerson of Gerson & Schwartz, PA, are located in Miami, Florida, and they advocate for the rights of child abuse victims. It is their belief that greater available resources are needed for those children who are suffering in abusive situations, at the hands of their very own parent s or caregivers. Their abusers are those who take out their anger and frustration, physically causing serious injury and often times, even wrongful death!

Studies need to be comprehensive and multi faceted, and no single study should be considered reliable enough to create the whole picture regarding child abuse. Stricter laws need to be enforced, as far as reporting abuse is concerned. More services are necessary to rehabilitate parents who do not know how to handle the stress of raising children without violence. Enough educational programs must be available to victims. Medical attention is critical for victims, and it is absolutely imperative, that legal assistance be available to children who cannot defend themselves.

The growing number of child abuse cases in this country is alarming, and Gerson & Schwartz,PA has represented countless victims and their families. “Physical abuse of children is a rampant problem in our country, and the methods of reporting it should be varied. No one single data source is reliable in tracking this major problem. Unless, we have a clear picture of the levels and populations of child abuse victims, we cannot adequately serve the needs of those who have been injured.”We have seen an upward trend in the number of abuse cases that have been reported, and there is a greater need for quality medical care and intervention than was previously thought”.
Personal injury attorneys who are familiar with child abuse cases are available to assist families in seeking financial restitution for punitive damages. There is a critical and complex investigative process which professional crime victim and child abuse attorneys are experienced at handling. There is no financial obligation to the client until the case is settled.
The rise of injuries due to child abuse is a frightening reality that attorneys, children, parents, social services, and child abuse advocates face daily. Especially, for children who are not even old enough to walk or talk, personal representatives are necessary in order to defend children against their abusers
At Gerson & Schwartz, PA; attorneys have served the South Florida community for over 42 years. The lawyers there have travelled extensively to conferences around the globe, in order to support the rights of child abuse victims. The entire staff at Gerson & Schwartz offers a level of expertise and professionalism that is unmatched and guaranteed.

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