Miami Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer News: Princess Seaway Ferry Crew Members Rescue UK Woman Who Fell Overboard

MIAMI, FL—Crew members aboard a U.K. ferry that was traveling through rough waves in the North Sea, approximately 20 miles off the coast of England’s North Yorkshire, rescued a 23-year-old female ship passenger who fell overboard on the night of Sept. 5. According to information provided by the Daily Mail, the Princess Seaway DFDS ferry was en route from North Shields to Ijmuiden in Holland when the ferryboat accident occurred.

Following the horrific ship accident, victim Jeni Anderson told reporters that although she could recall falling over the vessel’s railing, she was unsure of what caused her to do so. Anderson, who explained that she had been socializing and drinking with friends before the fall overboard, stated she had no memory of herself actually hitting the water.

Reports indicated the ship passenger spent approximately 30 minutes working hard to keep herself above the North Sea’s forceful waves before Princess Seaway crew members were able to rescue the distressed victim using the ship’s lifeboat. An RAF medical helicopter subsequently responded and transported the ship accident victim to Scarborough Hospital.

Amazingly, Anderson, who contended, “The captain said to them [her friends] that in 20 years he has never found anyone who has gone over and my chances were very slim of being found,” suffered serious bruises. She was released from the hospital within hours of her arrival.

“I remember there suddenly being people around me and light and I think that was when I was lifted up to the helicopter. I don’t remember the moment they found me… I do not think I can really put it into words how grateful I am to everybody involved, the Coastguard, the staff of the ferry, the RAF helicopter and the people in the hospital,” Anderson noted.

Not all people who fall overboard are as fortunate as Anderson, however. U.S. Coast Guard statists regarding watercraft accidents suggested 431 falls overboard were reported in 2008. Those incidents resulted in 188 boating deaths and also left an additional 257 accident victims suffering from various injuries. Statistics also suggest that the main cause of death related to boat accidents and wrecks is drowning. In 2008, recreational boat accidents resulted in 510 drowning deaths.

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