Liability and Legal Issues in Miami Parking Lot Accidents

There are safety threats you expect while driving around Miami, including motorists who speed, drive after drinking, run red lights, and engage in other careless acts. However, there are many other risks that you do not anticipate because they are present outside the typical roadway environment. Parking lot and parking garage car accidents are more common than you think, and they can lead to injuries far more serious than you would ever imagine. If you were injured in such a crash and see your losses mounting, you are probably wondering whether you have any legal recourse against the responsible driver. 

In short, yes, you can pursue a negligent motorist for compensation after being injured in a parking lot crash. Your rights are the same as with any auto collision case, so you should seek legal help from a Miami car accidents attorney. Some information about the dangers of parking lot collisions may also be useful.

Parking Lot Accidents Caused by Driver Negligence 

Some drivers engage in the same types of careless, risky conduct that makes them a risk in regular traffic, so some of the examples of negligence in the parking lot may sound familiar. A motorist may:

  • Speed through the lot;
  • Swerve within parking aisles;
  • Fail to comply with stop signs, traffic signals, and directional markings;
  • Park in a no-parking zone;
  • Do not take proper precaution when backing out of a space; or,
  • Cut through the lot against traffic patterns.

In addition, survey results from the National Safety Council (NSC) reveal that distracted driving is just as much of a problem in parking lots as on streets. Two-thirds of survey respondents report that they use their cell phones while driving in parking garages and lots, including to program a GPS, send or receive a text, and post to social media.

Businesses May Also be Liable for Parking Lot Collisions: You might not expect that a company could be responsible for causing a crash in a lot or garage, but liability does extend to other parties whose negligence contributed to the accident. Under the legal theory of premises liability, business owners have a duty to ensure the property – including parking areas – is safe for all lawful entrants. For example, a property owner may be negligent in causing a parking lot crash by:

  • Failing to post signage for traffic control;
  • Not clearly marking exits and entrances;
  • Neglecting to install signs and directional arrows for traffic flow;
  • Not placing mirrors at blind corners; and,
  • Failing to repair potholes and broken pavement; and,
  • Many other types of careless misconduct.

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