Latest Safety Tech When Shopping for New 2021 Cars and Trucks

We live in an age of instant gratification, same-day delivery, and lightning-fast WiFi, so automakers do their best to keep the short attention spans of new car buyers when rolling out the latest model year. An August 27, 2020 article in US News & World Report discusses increased horsepower and longer range for electric vehicles. There is even a flying car, which recently successfully completed its first round of testing. These concept models will not be making it to the showroom floor for a few years, but they are interesting as a glimpse of the future.

Despite these flashy bells and whistles, many automobile purchasers are much more interested in the safety features and equipment that will protect their families right now. Some notable technologies are intended to prevent Miami car accidents, while others serve to reduce the potential for serious injuries in the event of a crash. Here are a few to keep in mind:

  • Lane Assist: This feature is most effective for inattentive drivers who veer over into another lane and motorists who may be drowsy driving. Through sensors and cameras, the technology will correct a vehicle’s path while simultaneously issuing a notification to get the driver’s attention about the slip.
  • Auto Emergency Braking: Even when you immediately become aware of a threat and quickly apply the brakes, the fraction of a second that passes could be too much of a delay to prevent a collision. Auto emergency braking can instantaneously slow the vehicle, potentially buying sufficient time to avoid an impact.
  • 911 Notification: If you are unable to make an emergency call after being involved in a car accident, most vehicles are equipped with a service that will dial 911 or a call center to do it for you. First responders will be on the way to provide assistance immediately if you do not respond to the prompts. If you are conscious, just hearing the voice can be comforting while you await emergency crews.
  • Forward Collision: This is another vehicle safety feature that uses sensors to monitor your speed, vehicles nearby, and the distance between you. If you get too close to the car in front, forward collision technology can issue a warning and slow the vehicle. However, it is “smart” enough that it will not take complete control.
  • Blind Spot Detection: Many accidents are caused when a driver changes lanes without realizing another vehicle is traveling in the blind spot. This technology can issue an audio or visual warning to prevent unsafe lane changes.

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