Miami Negligent Security Cases may Stem from Negligence in Bars, Restaurants, Schools, Apartments

Recently, a stabbing at a bar left three deaf men and a bouncer wounded because a woman allegedly thought the men were throwing gang signs at her, though they were communicating with sign language, NBC News reports.

While all the facts of the case haven’t been revealed and the defendants haven’t been convicted, the case may be an example of neglient security in Miami. Often, a Miami personal injury attorney can hold business owners, schools and landlords accountable for injury on their property that occurs as a result of failure to provide adequate security.

Premise liability and security negligence are legal concepts that apply to crime victims and accident victims in public places where business owners neglect their responsibility to keep patrons or residents safe.While slip and fall accidents are a common type of premise liability case, negligent security refers to injuries on someone’s property that result from their failure to provide guests or residents with a reasonable expectation of safety.

Consider the victim of an assault or battery at a bar or restaurant. Everyone goes out for entertainment and they have a reasonable expectation that they will be kept safe. If a particular establishment has a history of fights and doesn’t provide adequate security and someone gets attacked, that could be grounds for a lawsuit. Evacuation injuries is another type of premise liability case in Miami, which can result when someone is injured during an evacuation of a restaurant, bar or apartment — particularly when there is insufficient means of a clear exit.

This area of law is complex. Each case is unique and is best handled by a Miami injury law firm that has decades of experience handling Florida premise liability and negligent security cases.

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