Crime Victims Have Rights; Contact a Miami Personal Injury Law Firm

Many law enforcement agencies and state attorney offices in Florida have victims’ advocates, people paid to stay in contact with crime victims and their families throughout the criminal process. The Miami Herald recently reported on such a position at the Hialeah Police Department.

But while these people can aid crime victims through the criminal process, only a Miami personal injury law firm can aid crime victims through the civil process. While many crime victims believe their time in court ends when a defendant is found guilty and is sentenced, there are often avenues for Miami crime victims to recover money stemming from certain criminal acts.For more than 30 years, dedicated Miami personal injury lawyers have fought for victims of crime in Florida courts. Over this span of years every type of crime victim lawsuit has been brought, from murder to assault and clergy abuse. Individuals, businesses and governments can often be sued when a crime is committed.

Florida has services available to aid victims, such as a compensation program for victims through the Attorney General’s Office. That office also can aid in obtaining financial assistance for medical care, lost income, mental health services and funeral expenses. Click here to find a list of South Florida law enforcement victim advocates.

Florida has a Victims’ Bill of Rights that states victims and their families have a right to be informed, present and heard when relevant at all critical stages of a criminal proceeding. It is a Florida Constitutional Amendment and it is important in making sure criminal victims are heard and well represented by the state.

But even the Attorney General’s reach is limited. The funds available in its compensation fund may not sufficiently help a crime victim or their family. And sometimes only a lawsuit and successful jury trial can be the answer to help get a family back on track financially.

Criminal closure is one thing, but after that, you may need justice from the business or individual who wronged you or your family. Choose a firm that will fight for your rights and hold the criminals accountable.

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